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roastedsalted's Journal

Roasted, Salted Peanuts!
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I'm 21 years old and from small town Eastern Canada. Attending college coming September and I spend most of my time working on my jewelry line, reading fashion magazines, surfing the web/being emerged in popular culture and the media. I also play World of Warcraft (thought I'm trying really hard to quit).

I'm a pretty free spirited easy going person with a lot of ambition. I'm really passionate about everything I enjoy and I'm not afraid to stand up for the stuff I believe in. My taste in music is.. uh... weird. I love everything from Gary Glitter to Children of Bodom. I own a bass but I don't play (no explination for this).

I've had five LJs since 2002 (WTF I am old). Things around here have changed a lot since then, but I'll figure it all out.


Oh yah, I'm a huge fag hag, too. I have no shame.
And a Pisces, lol.